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Hyoko Small Glass Bowl

Hyoko Small Glass Bowl

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The Hyoko Glass Bowl 

The Hyoko glass collection from Yoshinuma was designed from the observation of ice crystal formation. A perfect balance of nature and industrial glass making. The Hyoko glass bowl is used a candy dish, tealight or decoration. 

Each piece is unique and handcrafted in Japan.

The Way Of The Wabi.. 

An aspect of Japanese ceramics is the beauty of asymmetry and imperfection. Cracks and flaws are a product of nature and time beyond the will of the human being. In 16th century Japan, the celebrated Japanese tea masters valued the beauty found in imperfect and irregular objects often in their most austere natural state. This led to the unassuming aesthetic ideals of wabi-cha: simplicity, purity, restraint, and humility.


3.25" DIA. x 2.25" H

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