soft. supreme.


Sink into a fabric that is breathable and ethereal.

soft. comfort.


Wrap yourself up in a sustainable and breathable fabric.

soft. functional.


Wrap yourself in luxury. Your skin will thank you.


and find out which beddings suits your lifestyle and interior best

Bedding has never felt more personal.
What arrives in the box is personalized just for you.

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Why Clementine Threads?

City dwellers

We understand the importance of your bed being your safe haven
after a long day.

Oeko-Tex 100 certified

Our threads are crafted by European artisans using timeless practices to bring you a truly distinguishable product

Curated in New York

We bring you a modern perspective on bedding. Our colour palette has been carefully selected to compliment your interior

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One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I got these the day after I ordered them. They are incredibly high quality and soft. I washed them and had the best nights sleep. Worth every penny, I’ll definitely be buying more.


The quality is excellent and so soft. I am very happy and so pleased with how responsive they were and the quick delivery.


This is my second purchase. The product is amazing, I am now addicted to the quality. I will be coming back for more.


Beautiful linen sheets! I have purchased lined sheets several times from other sources, and I must say that these are truly the best ones. Soft and reading to use. Thank you!


I’ve been wanting to invest in a nice pair of sheets for a while now. Absolutely LOVE these! Will definitely be repurchasing for all future bedding needs. 10/10 recommend.


OMG!!! These are the best. All of our other sheets are dead to us now. I no longer wake up a sweaty mess. I also don't freeze all night. Plus they're plenty big enough that I'm never fighting to get my share. I love these sheets so much.


These are so soft, I can’t wait to sleep cuddled in them!!


The Science
Behind Clementine

Standard Bedding Vs Clementine Threads


Loss of quality after few washes

Manufactured in unsustainable conditions and made to constantly replace!

Often sold as “premium bedding” but begin to fall apart, discolor, roughen, and even tear after just a couple washes!


Bedding that is designed to last!

Ages like fine wine through the years!

Our fabrics are sourced, crafted, and certified to the highest of standards. We are dedicated to make sure every product is perfect and is with you for many joyful years!

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