Why your next laundry load should include wool dryer balls

Why your next laundry load should include wool dryer balls

The key to pristine sheets and crisp clothing? A great washing and drying routine of course. How does one get there, you ask? At Clementine Threads, our key pillars are sustainable practices and elements extracted from mother nature herself. Living a life that is free from harmful synthetics and is more authentic to nature can start with your washer-dryer duo.

If you have been accustomed to the traditional fabric softeners and dryer sheets sold at your local drug store, perhaps it’s time to reconsider. Most dryer manufacturers advise against dryer sheets as they damage your dryers overtime. They leave a harmful residue on your expensive clothing and dryers. Synthetic fabric softeners and dryer sheets are not only bad for the planet, but also your skin and your wallet. 

So where do we go from here? A good first step is investing in some all-natural, filler-free wool dryer balls. We break down the key reasons why making this switch could greatly benefit your clothing, sheets, and the planet.

They help reduce your carbon footprint



Dryer balls made from natural, filler-free wool can be reused up to more than 1000 loads. They are also repurposed from wool, making them a much more sustainable choice compared to single-use dryer sheets.

These magical balls improve air flow in the dryer while absorbing moisture. This means reduced dryer times and a cheaper electricity bill- a win for planet earth! They also soften clothing as they dry, eliminating the need to fill landfills with empty fabric softener jugs. Ensure you use 3-4 balls for small/medium loads, and 5-6 for large loads.

They’re great for the longevity of your clothes and linens!

Dryer balls work their magic by continuously agitating against the fibers in clothes and linens. So after a significantly shorter dying cycle, your beloved sweaters and linen bed sheets will also be softer to the touch.

They can also take care of static cling. When drying, wet fabrics flap around and stick together for a long time before they are dry enough to separate and allow warmer air to circulate. Dryer balls eliminate excess static by accelerating this separation and allowing warm air to flow between garments faster and easier.

Finally, dryer balls naturally soften clothes without the need for additional synthetic chemicals added to loads. 

They eliminate more harmful chemicals from your washer-dryer routine



Wool dryer balls are the best replacement for fabric softeners and dryer sheets. First and foremost, they save money in the long run by eliminating the need to repurchase single-use dryer sheets and bottles of fabric softener.

Dryer sheets are essentially woven sheets of fibers coated with stearic acid and other fatty acids, synthetic fragrances, and a cocktail of other harmful chemicals. These chemicals have been known to aggravate skin conditions and allergies after continuous exposure. 

While in the dryer, the stearic acid melts from the heat and coats clothing and sheets, making them softer and less staticy. It also coats the dryer, which mainly creates problems for the machine’s lint filler overtime. With each load, the lint can become harder to remove because the sticky film left behind by the dryer sheets has blocked the holes in the filter and adhered to some of the lint. 

In Conclusion….use wool dryer balls!



There are many types of dryer balls to choose from- plastic, rubber, and vinyl, to name a few. Wool dryer balls however, are superior. They have been proven to be the most effective at actually reducing drying times, and are made from sustainable materials.

Wool dryer balls are the most effective at preventing laundry from clumping in the dryer. They also retain the heat they receive from the dryer, thus boosting the drying process.Therefore, laundry dries faster and more efficiently, potentially saving you money down the line.

Since they are made from 100% wool, they naturally soften laundry without the use of chemicals or synthetics, making them a superior choice over felt or vinyl balls. Wash your dryer balls by hand using warm water to increase longevity.

Therefore, if you want an eco-friendly, cost-efficient, all-natural way to effectively dry and soften your clothes and linens, look no further than 100% wool dryer balls. Purchase them here to experience your linen bed sheets in a whole new way.

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