Six Essential Items you need to gracefully transition out of quarantine and into a brighter future

Six Essential Items you need to gracefully transition out of quarantine and into a brighter future

As the months continue to roll by, we are getting increasingly more adept at home dwelling- of course, that means different things to different people. As restaurants slowly start to reopen, and stay-at-home mandates fall somewhere in between “stay home” and “go out but follow all these rules”, it feels like we are on a rollercoaster full of twists and turns- riding the wave but unsure of when we will get off. We at Clementine Threads like to make the most of every situation- whether it’s chilling at home or being out and about, you deserve to feel your best. 

This week, we are counting down our favourite essentials that are sure to help you transition back to freedom effortlessly. From hoodie blankets to relaxing scents, these items are sure to make you feel centered and grounded in your dwelling. After all, your four walls should feel like an escape- never a sentence. 




Ever snuggled into a warm blanket and thought “if only I can somehow wear this so I never have to take it off..”?  Well, apparently there is a nifty solution out there that is engineered just for you. The oodie- a combination between a blanket and a hoodie- is the softest, warmest, and coziest article of clothing you will EVER own. Made with a combination of ultra soft flannel fleece and sherpa fleece, this heavenly invention will keep out the cold and bring in the coziness. And most importantly….IT HAS POCKETS!!!! An item you certainly won’t regret purchasing, particularly if you live in colder climates. In fact, this writer may or may not be wearing one and cosplaying as the Michelin Man as she types this out...





Yeah, you have probably read about this in a bunch of blogs/self-help books/posts but really though….it works. Meditation has transitioned gracefully out of a fad to a legitimate health craze. Its benefits range from improved concentration, better self-awareness, reduced stress, better willpower, and enhanced emotional regulation, to health benefits such as reduced inflammation, a boosted immune system, and lower blood pressure! Meditation is literal exercise for your brain- it has shown to increase gray matter in regions of the brain known for emotional regulation as well as the hippocampus, which is tied to compassion and self-awareness. Taking just 10-20 minutes out of your day for still, meditative bliss is the perfect way to eliminate that quarantine funk, reduce depression, and make you a more calm and grateful person overall. It is so important to take time out of our often hectic days to be still, bring awareness to our bodies, and gently flow along the river of life instead of constantly thrashing against the current.

Meditation apps like Calm and Headspace offer guided meditations that range from beginner to tranquil monk atop a mountain. You can unlock levels and achievements to keep you accountable, and both apps offer guided meditations on an array of different topics, including ones that help regulate specific emotions. If unsure, download the free versions of these apps and take some guided tracks for a spin- understand however, that it’s a marathon not a sprint. With time and consistency, this ancient practice will have you breathing easier and feeling your best!




Who’s fed up with maskne!? We come with a solution- a mask made of 100% mulberry silk. This is a lifesaver for anyone going through skin troubles from having to wear masks all day long. This mask feels incredibly soft, gentle, and luxurious on the skin. For individuals with sensitive skin, a silk mask can reduce breakouts, rashes, redness, and flakiness often caused by cotton, polyester, and disposable masks. Hypoallergenic and machine washable, these silk beauties will probably be one of the comfiest masks you will ever sport. 

This particular brand by CILQUE contains a filter pocket that can be fitted with loose filter material for increased effectiveness if desired. It also comes with adjustable ear loops and a nose clip that can be custom-tailored to each individual face. A true must-have for those brief trips outside the house to grab coffee.




Yeah, yeah we know...everyone and their mother is raving about their air fryer. But trust me- this handy contraption is far from overrated. The versatility of these compact yet mighty machines is unprecedented. From savoury fries to delectable meats to mouth-watering desserts, air-fryers literally do it all. Fast, powerful convection cooking gives foods a crispy, deep-fried texture with minimal or no oil and healthy cholesterol levels. Imagine snacking on all your faves- fries, crispy chicken wings- even mozzarella sticks- without the guilt! 

This model by Hamilton Beach is especially our fave because it has both pre-programmed settings (for meat, veggies, fries, etc.) and the ability to set cooking time and temperature manually. This makes it super easy and idiot-proof to prepare delicious meats, veggies- even baked goods. Plus the non-stick basket can be removed and easily cleaned. (Warning: you will forget your oven exists and turn into one of those people who rave about their air fryer on social media).




We just had to- what better way to brave the pandemic than snuggled up in some luxurious linens? Our imported sheets are made of the highest-quality flax linen and are treated to an enzyme wash for maximum softness and durability. This breathable, light fabric will keep you warm in the Winter and cool for the Summer- plus, it has all of the cool, bohemian, Portofino vibes your bedroom is craving.

Want to learn more about why linen is one of the best fabrics to sleep in? Read all about it here. While you’re at it, click here to understand why we are so proud of the way our linens are treated. If you already got this far, it probably means quality and luxury are some of your non-negotiables. Ours too- you won’t regret getting your hands on our new Spring/Summer collection, launching soon!




There is nothing quite like scent to enliven a space, trigger pleasant, unconscious memories, and bring a relaxing aura into any environment. Turn your home into your own private oasis with this aromatherapy diffuser by Edenspa. We love this one because it comes with different coloured light settings to suit your mood and vibe. 

We like diffusers because they disperse scent into the air using water without increasing the humidity of your room. Diffusing essential oils is a much cleaner, natural alternative to chemical-laden air fresheners and room sprays. Plus, aromatherapy essential oils not only smell amazing, but provide a variety of benefits. Lavender relaxes and soothes, lemon cleans the air, eucalyptus relieves cold and congestion, peppermint relieves headaches, and more! If you’re looking for a sign to enliven your space and bring some much-needed zen into your quarantine, this is it!

We hope that equipped with these six nifty tools, you can create a space more conducive to optimism, vitality, and just plain old good vibes. Because after all, life is too short to sit around and mope- if you’re gonna sit around, it may as well be in style and good spirits.

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