6 Easy Ways to get the most out of your linen sheets!

6 Easy Ways to get the most out of your linen sheets!

So you’ve brought home your luxurious linen sheets...now what? We break down the top tips for keeping your linen in tip top shape! All your sheets need is some good ol’-fashioned tlc (and some scientifically-backed research) to maintain their shape and luxurious softness for years to come!







Ultimately, the best advice we can give over at Clementine Threads is to let your linen do its thang. Linen possesses a fabric handle that is impossible to achieve through any sort of mechanical process; therefore, keeping it au natural is the best way to preserve this luxurious fabric. Linen has a unique ability to absorb a lot of moisture in order to retain its softness overtime. Letting your linen maintain its natural shape and relaxed, wrinkled texture will prolong its life and maintain that baby-like softness. However, if you really want to iron it, make sure the fabric is slightly damp!






Traditional fabric softeners contain harmful chemicals that may leave residue on your fabric once washed. Be sure to use a mild detergent to protect those precious fibers. As well, avoid detergents with colour brighteners as they weaken the fibers of your bedding and discolour it. Test a small patch if you are unsure as to whether your detergent is right for your garment.






Baking soda- a traditional home staple that can be used in a variety of handy ways. One of its uses is regulating the PH levels of the rinse water setting inside your washer. Adding half a cup of baking soda to your linen wash cycle balances the rinse water and suspends detergent and mineral deposits from redepositing onto your sheets! This is also a great way to ensure that your rinse water never becomes too acidic or alkaline. 







Throwing a dryer ball (or two) in with you linens is a great way to relax and soften your sheets. The dryer balls massage the fibers for premium softness. Typically, air drying for the majority of the time is what’s best for this precious material. However, a good hack for minimizing wrinkles is to tumble dry linen garments on low heat for 5 minutes (with the dryer balls of course), then allow them to fully air dry. Ensure that your linens are pre-washed during the manufacturing process, as this makes them safe for a tumble dryer. For air drying, dry flat- hangers and clothespins can cause marks in the fabric and loosen the shape.






For machine washing your linen sheets, opt for a gentler cycle. Linen is highly absorbent and loves moisture (the more water, the better and softer it becomes)- therefore, be sure not to overload your machine. Linen should be able to move around freely in the machine- overcrowding can result in the fabric being twisted out of shape or not absorbing the maximum amount of water it needs. Excess water also prevents the formation of age spots (caused by oxidation). Thoroughly rinsing linen in plenty of water avoids traces of soap, detergent, or residual soiling.







For getting rid of bad stains, begin with a pre-wash cycle. Then, sprinkle baking soda along with a few drops of white vinegar and allow the garment to soak. If hand washing, swish the garment lightly in water. Be sure to not twist, wring, or stretch the fabric. Refill the tub and keep lightly swishing until all of the detergent/vinegar soda rinse is removed from the fabric. 

There you have it! Six easy and accessible ways to prolong the longevity of your linen sheets at home. We hope this means you will be getting the best sleep of your life. I’m sure we can all agree that there is nothing like jumping into a bed of freshly clean and soft sheets. 

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