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Clementine Threads

The King Linen Pillowcase.

The King Linen Pillowcase.

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The Details.

  • Set of Two (2) King Size Linen Pillowcases
  • Envelope Closure
  • Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® Certified: Safely tested to be free from harmful chemicals.
  • 100% European linen, woven from premium flax grown in Belgium and France.
  • Made available in graphite grey, white ivory, forest green, chestnut yellow.
  • Dimensions: 21" x 37"
  • May coordinate with linen sheet set, duvet cover, linen quilt, and quilted shams of the bed linens collection

The Description.

Complete the look of your bedroom with The King Linen Pillowcase by Clementine Threads. This set of two soft and comfortable flax linen pillowcases make a luxurious addition to your bedroom and will enhance your sleep experience and add style to your décor. Choose from a range of vibrant and dark colors, including dark grey, ivory, forest green, and chestnut yellow. Each king sized pillowcase features an envelope closure for added convenience and comfort, helping you to awaken invigorated each morning.

The King Linen Pillowcase is crafted with exquisite linen fibers and organic dyes that make them incredibly soft and comfortable. European flax, from which the pillowcases are crafted, is known for its durability and opulence. The thick pile and luxurious feel create a bubble of comfort around your head throughout, while the envelope closure ensures that your pillowcases stay secure and in place throughout the night, even when used with larger pillows.

Transform your bedroom with this set of two soft king linen pillowcases in modern and stylish shades. The bright colors will brighten up any room you place them in, and the contrasting shades will bring dimension to your room’s décor. Whether you’re looking to spruce up or complete a color scheme, The King Linen Pillowcase is made available as a set of 2 by Clementine Threads makes an option available for everyone.

Every king pillowcase in this set of two features a stylish envelope closure, which ensures both the corner points, and the side seams won’t move through the night. This sophisticated design allows for a secure fit that will always keep your pillow snug and comfortable, even on large pillows. The snug fit provides extra security and comfort for your head, neck, and shoulders for a superlative sleep experience.

With the unique traits of the flax fibers, The King Linen Pillowcase is the perfect way to bring texture, dimension, and luxury to your bedding. The bright colors will draw the eye and add a burst of energy to any room or décor. And with the secure envelope closure, you don’t have to worry about the pillow slipping out or bunching up during sleep.

Taking advantage of the natural characteristics of the flax fibers, The King Linen Pillowcase is known for its durability and strength. A wax, known as pectin, breaks down each time the pillowcases are washed. This inherent trait makes the linen softer as it is washed over time. Hypoallergenic, breathable, and moisture-wicking, The King Size Pillowcase Set is an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or those who sweat during thew night. Certified by the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, these pillowcases are sustainable and free from harmful substances and meet strict ecological standards.

The Delivery.

  • Complimentary delivery is offered with orders of $35 USD, or more, that are delived to an address within the Contiguous United States.
  • Expedited shipping options are offered during the checkout process as an upcharged service.
  • Returns or exchanges of unused merchandise in all original packaging accepted within 30 days of receipt. Please see the full return policy here.

The Color Clause.

We do our best to ensure that our photos are as true to color as possible. However, due to inconsistencies in monitors, digital photography, and the production variations of organic linen, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen accurately portrays the true color of the product.

We do, however, make swatches available at your discretion prior to purchase. Should you care to receive a fabric swatch, please contact us at info(at)clementinethreads(dot)com.

The King Linen Pillowcase Care.

By following these care guidelines, The King Linen Pillowcase by Clementine Threads will stay beautiful and last for years to come:

Machine wash with like colors: Wash your linen pillowcases in a machine with similar colors on a gentle cycle using cold or lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water as it can damage the fibers and cause the pillowcases to shrink.

Use a mild detergent: Use a mild, liquid detergent without any bleach or fabric softener. Harsh detergents can damage the fibers and reduce the benefits of the linen fibers.

Avoid using fabric softener: Fabric softener can leave a coating on the pillowcases, which can reduce their durability. Instead, use a cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle to soften the fibers and remove any remaining detergent.

Line dry or tumble dry on low: Hang your linen pillowcases to dry in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Avoid using a dryer as high heat can damage the fibers and cause the pillowcase set to shrink.

Iron if necessary: If you prefer crisp, wrinkle-free pillowcases, iron them while they're still slightly damp. Use a medium to high heat setting and iron the pillowcase inside-out to avoid damage.

By following these care guidelines, you can enjoy the softness, comfort, and beauty of The King-Sized Flax Linen Pillowcase for many years to come.

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A case of continued softness.

The flax linen, from which The King Linen Pillowcase is crafted, softens each time it is washed because the washing process helps to break down the natural waxes and pectins in the fibers, the fibers are agitated and rubbed against each other, and the fabric has the ability to absorb moisture without feeling damp. These factors work together to make the fibers more flexible and supple, resulting in a softer and more comfortable fabric.

A kindly king.

The King Linen Pillowcase is hypoallergenic because it is made from natural European flax fibers that are less likely to cause allergic reactions. Because the standard pillowcase is highly breathable, it is resilient to the buildup of dust mites, mold, and other allergens. Additionally, flax linen is naturally resistant to bacteria, which further reduces the risk of allergies and irritation. This makes The King Size Linen Pillowcase by Clementine Threads a great choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

A chill pillowcase.

The King Linen Pillowcase is moisture-wicking and breathable because its natural fibers are highly absorbent, allowing it to absorb moisture and sweat from the body without feeling damp. The fabric also has a loose weave and is highly breathable, allowing air to circulate freely and keeping the body cool and comfortable. This combination of moisture-wicking and breathability makes this king size linen pillowcase set an ideal choice for bedding and clothing in warm climates or during hot weather.

Enveloping Eco-consciousness.

The King Linen Pillowcase is Certified by the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.
Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a globally recognized certification system for textiles that ensures the products are free from harmful substances. It was developed in 1992 by the International Oeko-Tex® Association in Switzerland to promote consumer protection and sustainability in the textile industry. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification ensures that every component of a textile product, including the thread, buttons, zippers, and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances. The certification process involves rigorous laboratory testing and product analysis to verify that the products meet strict human-ecological standards.

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The Clementine Threads Luxury Bed Linens Collection is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Made from high-quality flax fibers, these linens are not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting. Each piece is carefully crafted to showcase the natural beauty of the linen material, with a range of colors to choose from.

From linen pillowcases to linen quilts, this collection of European bed linen has everything you need to elevate your sleep experience. The soft, textured surface of the flax linen material adds a luxurious touch to any well appointed sleeping quarters, while also being hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, breathable, and Eco-friendly.

Whether you're looking to create a chic bedroom design for yourself, or your designing a botique hotel, our luxury European flax bed linens collection is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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